In 1983 Al Ghafa started working with a single supermarket and a focus on international trading from Oman’s most iconic location, Muttrah Corniche, facing Sultan Qaboos Port. From these humble origins in the popular maritime gateway, Al Ghafa kept progressing with new contracts.

We developed unique agencies for a variety of products from toys to computer software, including the prestigious German toymaker Märklin Toys.

Throughout the 1980’s we continued to expand into the construction and maintenance sectors, building a solid reputation among both private and government clients. This eventually led to prestigious maintenance contracts from the Oman ministry of defense.

Over the coming decades, Al Ghafa continued to pursue our core vision, signing off on new agencies in diverse new business sectors and securing internationally renowned clients in retail, building materials, and household appliances. We have continued nurturing our contracting and maintenance divisions and continue to excel in these key areas.


Meet Our Leadership Team

Mr. Hassan is a specialised management consultant. focusing on international relations, strategic business planning, and project management. These key areas of expertise form the cornerstone of our business. His skills in product development, sales, and operations best practices are supported by an intimate knowledge of international processes, built on a strong diplomatic, academic, and business background. He has represented Oman in multiple international conferences and as the Chair of various Omani government and international Task Forces.

He originally studied International Comparative Politics with a focus on International law at the American University of Paris, before going on to further qualification in Business Administration at the Institute Supérieur de Gestion.

During his time studying, Mr. Hassan attended numerous International conferences, amassing awards including the “International Award” from the American School of Paris, the “Best Delegate Award” from BRIMUN at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany, the “Conferancita” Medal of Merit Award from the Republic of Ecuador, and two “Outstanding Delegate Awards” from Harvard’s Model Congress (Paris Chapter) in 2002 and 2004

Managing Director

Salem Moosa Jaffar Hassan

In July 2010, Mr. Hassan began working as the Representative of ITHRAA in France, an Omani government authority focused on promoting Omani investment opportunities and exports. In this capacity, he Co-Chaired the Task Force of Energy and Infrastructure, a MENA-OECD Investment Programme focused on formulating policy recommendations to spur investment in renewable energies in the MENA region. Mr. Hassan continued to attend International conferences as a delegate, keynote speaker, and conference head and was appointed as the “Ambassador for Peace” by the Universal Peace Federation in 2012.

In 2015, Mr. Hassan took over as Managing Director here at Al Ghafa. His multilingual communication skills and experience in business and political analysis exemplify the core values of Al Ghafa as an international business partner.

Mr. Hassan is a keen participant in international politics, having written several essays on the subject. He is particularly interested in international politics, and has participated in numerous discussions on reforming the United Nations System to better suit the demands of today’s international community.

Executive Board Director

Colonel (Ret.) Muder Majid Al Moosawi

Col. Al Moosawi originally joined Al Ghafa in 1996 as a partner and shareholder. He was appointed as Executive Board Director after retiring from a distinguished career in the Royal Omani Police in 2015. He began his police career in the Directorate of Aviation, working his way up to become Head of the Procurement and Warehousing Division, before eventually becoming Commanding Officer for the Ambulances Division.

During his time with the Police, Col. Al Moosawi continued to develop his education and training, completing multiple officer training courses in Oman and overseas including stays in the UK, India, and Singapore. He also developed keen leadership skills, completing courses in strategic planning and financial management, emotionally intelligent leadership, and effective leadership & change management. He developed his international political knowledge with a course in the Omani diplomatic programme and international political issues at Royal College Canada International in 2013.

Col. Al Moosawi’s role at Al-Ghafa involves supporting the senior management team as Executive Board Director.

Thanks to the experience gained during his distinguished career, Col. Al Moosawi is a fantastic asset when it comes to facilitating procedures and liaising with the Royal Omani Police and other government departments.

Mr. Al Lawati oversees operations, managing teams both internally and for our partner companies. He is an accomplished manager with specialist knowledge of team building, built on many years of experience in the financial sector. As well as supervising operations for Al Ghafa, Mr. Al Lawati’s key areas of expertise include; overseeing projects, working with clients in the post-contract phase, and obtaining necessary registrations, licenses, and anything else our clients need. He has a proven track record of researching the needs of our partner companies and executing proposals as required.

Before joining Al Ghafa in 2017, Mr. Al Lawati enjoyed a successful career in banking at management level, working as a branch manager for both Bank Muscat and Bank Dhofar.

His educational background includes an MBA from Franklin University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Information systems & Technology from Mazoon College, and a certificate in Business Administration and Management from the Higher College of Technology, Muscat.

Deputy Managing Director

Hussain Mohammed Hassan Al-Lawati

Quality Policy

Our Vision

To be the best business partner, providing everything necessary for a smooth transition into business in GCC territories for all our clients. To support our partner businesses with clear leadership and expert knowledge and to ensure that for our most ambitious partners, nothing is impossible.

Quality Policy

Our Mission

To be the most trusted business support partner, accompanying our clients on every step of their new ventures. To create added value for our partners by facilitating a smooth transition through the many complex stages of expansion into a GCC nation. To bridge the gaps between our clients and local regulators with intimate process knowledge. To untangle the web of licenses, permits, and paperwork and ensure a hassle-free experience for everyone.

Quality Policy

Our Values

At Al Ghafa, we are committed to providing the highest quality service to all our partners and delivering the best possible results through innovation and dedication. We strive to achieve excellence by continually updating our knowledge and processes while placing our strong ethical values at the forefront of everything we do. We aim to provide reliable and consistent engagement for our partners, reinforcing our credibility through continually achieving and exceeding our goals.