At Al Ghafa, we are focused on promoting sustainable growth for all of our business partners. Our current clientele includes SMEs, international companies, public listed companies, and multinationals. For more than 35 years, our partners have trusted AlGhafa for all their business development needs.


Current Clients


Business: Publicly traded multinational with over 70,000 employees, involved in construction and development across Europe.

Country of Origin: France


Business: Large scale metal manufacturing company with offices in Dubai

Country of Origin: UAE

Business: Provides industrial services to the oil, gas, and renewable energy sectors, among others.

Country of origin: France


Business: A worldwide software and technology company with over 137,000 employees, providing automation services to a variety of industries.

Country of origin: France


Business: A mobile technology company involved in identity protection and data security.

Country of origin: France

Verger Delporte

Business: An electrical and mechanical contractor, manufacturer, and I.T provider with operations in both UAE and Qatar.

Country of origin: UAE

Other clients include
Infratech, GET, and Al Amer.