When a client is looking at business formation or development in either Oman or Qatar, there are many legal formalities that must be observed. As well as the processes for business registration, there are also immigration and visa issues to consider. The extent of these will depend on the scale of the client’s operations but every business will need the correct legal documentation and liaison with a local government Public Relations Officer. You may need documentation for a variety of areas, including; companies, individuals, families and dependants, workers and subcontracted workers, vehicles, housing, and business premises.

This is where our PRO team comes in, with our help this complicated and time-consuming legal process can be streamlined for our client’s convenience. Our experienced team can assist with the preparation and processing of applications, attachments, agreements, and revisions as needed. We can also handle the translation of documents from English to Arabic (or the reverse) where necessary. The PRO team will act as your intermediary with local government officials and facilitate the attestation of documents with the relevant government offices. Documents sent to incorrect departments or missing key information could cost your business time and money. Our team ensures these documents get to the correct government departments with all the relevant information included, meaning they are processed in the shortest time possible.

Our PRO team is also adept at handling the clearing of imports and obtaining the licenses necessary for more highly regulated imports such as chemicals or medical equipment. The entire process is dealt with securely utilising biometric identification (fingerprints) to ensure that your documentation remains secure. Our dedicated PRO team works to our client’s preferred schedule, arranging fast and efficient registrations, and performing renewals when needed. Our team’s intimate knowledge of local regulations and processes take the hassle out of this complex system, the potential saving in time and effort for our clients makes PRO one of our most highly sought after services.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts for more information on our PRO/Government liaising services.