About us

Al Ghafa Company

Al Ghafa Company, LLC, was founded in 1983 with the sole aim of helping international businesses expand their interests into GCC territories. We offer a wide range of personally tailored business support solutions ranging from providing and facilitating sponsorships to business formation and industrial property sourcing.

Our passionate team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, with a diverse range of skill sets and experience, that allows us to help businesses of all sizes with the difficult task of international expansion. Let us share our expertise with your business and learn how our experienced team earned the trust of some of the largest and most prestigious corporations in their respective regions.

Our suggestions

Why us?

We provide extensive, personalised solutions for your business setup or expansion, featuring:

  • A proven track record of facilitation, built o ver more than 35 years
  • Central location in the heart of Muscat’s business district
  • Internationally recognised clientele
  • Fair & transparent pricing
  • A trusted provider & fully compliant with local and international regulations
  • Renowned for our fast and efficient service

Our Services

We can provide a diverse range of services for a variety of business sectors, including:

P.R.O / Government liaising

Document procurement and process facilitation. Services covering companies, employees, individuals, dependants & family members, housing & vehicles. Visas, contracts, work permits, insurance and more, all facilitated through our experienced team. New registrations, renewals & revisions

Project management

Local office administration (Setup, operations & administration). Business development (Guidance, implementation, and trade missions). Re-export services (Export, import & container freight service). Industrial management (Space rental, transport, hiring & accommodation)

Corporate Sponsorships

Established local sponsor and business partner. Network of local connections. Mainland company formations. Sourcing of Licences, approvals, permits, third party sourcing & waivers

Visa Reallocation, Staff Subcontracting

Subcontracting of staff as a registered Omani SME. Assistance with Labour clearances for non - GCC nationals. Work permissions, Visa processing, and immigration assistance for subcontracted staff


Why Oman?

Oman has established one of the world’s most robust and competitive economies, with the world’s third-highest value currency.

The nation’s geographical position as a key trading route between Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well as its neutral political position, makes it an ideal location for companies looking to expand or establish their international operations. Financial experts predict that Oman has incredible potential for economic growth. Early investors stand to benefit from an economy that could rival that of Dubai within the next two decades.


Why Qatar?

Qatar is a highly accessible, modern country with excellent land, sea, and air transport routes. Five major seaports and two international airports facilitate world-class business logistics and international commerce.

Favorable tax regulations for both businesses and individuals mean it is easy to recruit and attract employees at every level. VAT, export tax, capital gains tax, and corporate tax are set low at 10%, offering significant advantages to manufacturing, logistics, and distribution businesses. With English as the primary language for business, Qatar makes an attractive prospect for overseas investment.