Qatar is a highly accessible, modern country with excellent land, sea, and air transport routes. Five major seaports and two international airports facilitate world-class business logistics and international commerce. Like other burgeoning economies in the region, Qatar has made far-reaching economic policy changes in recent years to stimulate economic growth and encourage overseas investment and business development. State lead initiatives are underway to allow full foreign ownership of investment projects and the investor-friendly environment in Qatar allows for a streamlined incorporation process with many parts of the process carried out online.

International investors in Qatar will find that there are simple, streamlined, environments for obtaining business licenses and obtaining construction permits for business centers. There are also specific incentives for foreign investors including; exemption from income tax for up to 10 years, customs exemptions on the import of necessary machinery and equipment as well as raw materials and half-finished goods necessary for production. In addition, land can be allocated for foreign investment projects with long renewable rental periods up to 50 years.

Favorable tax regulations for both businesses and individuals mean it is easy to recruit and attract employees at every level. VAT, export tax, capital gains tax, and corporate tax are set low at 10%, offering significant advantages to manufacturing, logistics, and distribution businesses. English is the primary language for business, a significant portion of business in Qatar is conducted in English and it is spoken by 60% of customers, suppliers, and employees, which makes communication with local partners and markets much easier for overseas investors.

There are currently several business sectors in which outside investment is directly encouraged and incentivised: energy, tourism, I.T., consultancy, and technical services, industrial, development and utilisation of natural resources, education, agriculture, distribution, health, mining, sports, recreational services, and cultural services. International investors looking to move into these areas will find significant opportunities in the current market.

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