At Al Ghafa, we pride ourselves on our proven track record of facilitating business development in Oman and Qatar. Since our inception in 1983, we have incorporated over 100 businesses.

We believe that when selecting a partner for business formation and development, this practical experience elevates us above the competition.

Business formation and development in the international market can be a minefield. There are so many factors to consider for employees, property, and operations, the legal documentation alone can slow down even a large corporation when working alone. It is vital to select a partner with proven results to help ease this process.

Our central location in the heart of Muscat puts us right at the center of trade and commerce in Oman. This means we deal with the realities of operating a local business with international interests on a daily basis, giving us invaluable up to date knowledge that we utilise to further assist our partners. We are always happy to arrange face to face meetings with clients in our Muscat offices, with or without prior appointment.

Many highly regarded brands and entrepreneurs from the UAE, France, Germany, and beyond, have trusted Al Ghafa to assist with their GCC-based operations for decades. Our management team’s unique multicultural background allows Al Ghafa to easily bridge cultural gaps, making us a great facilitator for western businesses looking to approach the GCC market. We have forged successful partnerships in business sectors as diverse as; oil and gas, energy, construction, maintenance, I.T., distribution, retail, software, and more, across Oman and Qatar. Our team’s wide range of knowledge and diverse business backgrounds means that we are equipped to help businesses of all sizes, whether you simply need a local distribution partner or you’re looking to establish a new regional head office.

We value fair and transparent pricing and believe great facilitation means making things more straightforward for our partners. This means that we will show you your full costs upfront and provide detailed breakdowns on legal fees, V.A.T., filing fees, and any other additional expenses. Where some consultancies offer enticing upfront deals, only to surprise you with additional add ons further down the line, we believe that providing this kind of information from the start allows our partners to accurately plan budgets and ensures the smoothest possible transition experience.

We are an independently regulated and trusted service provider, ratified by local government authorities. We put our full knowledge of local regulatory processes to work for our clients, facilitating the often complicated processes of documentation, licensing, and liaising with local government officials. This level of experience, knowledge, and thorough attention to detail is why we are regarded as the fastest and most efficient provider for company formations.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

At Al Ghafa, we believe that our responsibilities go further than our clients, employees, and shareholders, and extend to the wider community in which we serve. We are committed to operating a sustainable business with the minimal environmental impact that enhances, rather than diminishes, the community around us.

While we place our client’s success at the forefront of our operations, we recognise that our prosperity is directly tied to the prosperity of our local community. We believe that a responsible business should be as concerned with playing a constructive role in the economy, and in society, as with our own profits.

As we aim to enhance our role as valuable members of our local community, we aim to facilitate our clients’ aspirations in achieving the same goals. We believe that respect for the local community is a core value of all our operations. We pledge to promote ethical practices, sustainable development, and social responsibility, across all our operations.