Establishing your business in a GCC territory will often require a local partner or ‘sponsor’ to hold a stake in the newly formed company. Finding the right local partner is vital, you need a company that can understand and support your ongoing business needs, and a well-regarded corporate sponsor can greatly enhance your company’s profile in the local area. As a part of our business development and business formation consultancy services, Al Ghafa can act as your local sponsor and help your business to identify contract opportunities, suppliers, subcontractors, third parties, and strategic partners in your target area. As well as providing business support throughout the partnership, our experienced management team can also provide strategic advice on how to target and implement your business strategy after the corporate sponsorship stage.

We are committed to providing ongoing support throughout every stage of our corporate sponsorship deal. Our team can assist with liaison efforts between officials, potential suppliers and subcontractors, and third parties – facilitating meetings and mediating discussions. Once discussions are complete, we provide unique support with licensing, approvals, permits, third party sourcing, and waivers, in full compliance with local regulations. We continue to support our clients once projects are underway, facilitating the relationship between our clients and the overseeing authorities throughout the post-award phase of the contract.

Al Ghafa’s position in the heart of Oman, our extensive network of third party contacts, and our first-hand knowledge of local legal processes mean we are uniquely equipped to act as a corporate sponsor and assist in your project from inception to completion. Our commitment to local business knowledge and our extensive market research means we are well equipped to identify the most suitable potential customers, suppliers, subcontractors, and JV partners for a wide variety of clients operating across different business sectors.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts for more information on our Corporate Sponsorship services.