Local Office Administration

As an extension of our principal operations, Al Ghafa offers access to our large business center in the heart of the business district. With managed office space to accommodate teams of all sizes, we aim to integrate our client’s culture with our corporate values to provide a synergistic working environment with valuable on-site support.

We utilise professional receptionist services to ensure a good first impression is made on any visitors to your office space. We can provide a range of on-site amenities, from vital services such as secure business I.T. Infrastructure and administration support to convenience options like access to shared printers and scanners. The business center is fully managed, so security, cleaning, and utilities are all provided

Business Development

Al Ghafa is continually researching the local market to identify needs, trends, and new business opportunities. We actively seek out local businesses and help facilitate deals, acting as a local partner to serve as a bridge between clients needing local distributors, resellers, or business customers.

Our local sponsorship service can be vital to overseas suppliers looking to penetrate the market in Oman and Qatar, as we can identify potential investment projects, government contracts, and market opportunities, then assist in sourcing suppliers, third parties, subcontractors, and JV partners as required. There are three key areas where we can assist clients in progressive business development;

Business development guidance

This includes:
The preparation and arrangement of meetings and assistance with communication strategy, as well as translation services. Assistance in the identification of subcontractors and JV partners in the pre-bid phase of contracts. Providing support with implementation in the contract's post-phase. Local employment services and, of course, we are happy to help with all of our clients' local accommodation needs.


We can also assist with the implementation stage of your business strategy, Providing help with accessing implementation partners. Personalised implementation strategies that ensure your message and marketing remain consistent with your brand identity while being appropriate for the local culture. Al-Ghafa can also provide assistance with local administration and PRO services as required. Please see our PRO/government liaising services page for more details.

Trade Missions

We can assist with the arrangement of business breakfast meetings, Focused on dissecting the local market and discussing implementation practicalities. We are highly experienced in facilitating business to business meetings between clients and potential suppliers and third parties. We are constantly monitoring local market activity, identifying, and tracking potential customer prospects.

Re-Export services

We can offer extensive support with your import and export business needs, assisting clients with customs clearing, inspection, and documentation for import, export, and re-export. As a licensed re-exporter, Al Ghafa can act as a bridge for import/export operations between the UAE and Qatar, avoiding current trading restrictions expeditiously and cost-effectively, in a manner that is fully compliant with international trade regulations.

We can also assist with automated electronic payments for import/export duties to make your experience as hassle-free as possible. In addition, our container freight services facilitate the import of loose goods and consolidation of exports. These contracted services can also be used to provide goods storage and are fully maintained, cleaned, and secured.

Industrial Management

Al Ghafa provides a wide range of support and management services for the industrial sector. For industrial investors looking to expand into Oman and Qatar, we can facilitate the entire process and ensure a successful transition. Utilising our local experience and an extensive network of third party contacts, we can identify an attractive industrial property and assist with the rental process. To accommodate your employment needs, we can source semi-skilled laborers, security personnel, and additional support staff, to your requirements. We can also arrange transport and accommodation for these workers as needed.

Our unique position in the politically neutral nation of Oman makes Al Ghafa the ideal mediator for businesses who find they now need a bridge between industrial operations in Qatar or the UAE, in light of the changing political situation in the region.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts for more information on our business development services.